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More trains.

Yesterday I got the Rocky Mountaineer from Jasper to Quesnel. Lots of good photos in the morning (or at least lots that will be good when they've been cropped, straightened, and possibly had some shoppery done to them—sunrise reflecting back into the sky off ice fields is hard to photograph) and then a bit of a gap due to somebody having forgotten to charge his camera battery. Luckily the staff could find a power point I could use to recharge it, and a figure 8 power cable for the charges since mine was in my suitcase.

Food on the Rocky Mountaineer is excellent, and given there are only 30 of us in Gold Leaf I think we must have one staff member for every five or six passengers (if you included the cooks etc.), suddenly I can understand why it costs what it costs. :-)

Quesnel itself is interesting, it's mostly a lumber town with some nice bridges and some very silly painted fire hydrants (I think there are about fifteen but I only photographed five while walking round).

Anyway, today the train goes down to Whistler, and I have fully charged the camera battery this time.
Sit at the bar and strike up conversation or see who strikes up conversation with you. Last night it was a researcher in herbal medicine from Chicago, tonight it was a guy from Belgium who is in Canada because he read Lovecraft as a kid and is fascinated by cold. Since he failed to get the job he wanted in Antarctica he figured Canada was the best place to try where he already spoke the language.

I'm sure I can find somebody more unusual tomorrow if I try.

Oh, and if I had to rank them then The Dead Dog isn't bad at all, but the Jasper Brewing Company is fantastic—good stout, good hppy IPA, and another four beers (the tow of which I tried were good and all brewed on the premises. It looks like a sports bar but as far as I can tell everybody ignores the televisions.
It's just a bit long and I'm still only up to the Friday of the con.

See ceb, I do listen. Or I have more time when I'm on holiday.

Shout if you want a postcard.

I can't promise if you'll get one with a majestic landscape or a really grumpy looking bear, or if you express any preference that I'll listen to it, but I will try and send you a postcard if you ask.

I've set all comments to screened so feel free to include your address if you aren't sure I've got it.


I'm writing this while away from all internet access so I'm not sure when it will actually get posted, but it seems to be better to put down impressions as they occur rather than try and collect them all together later. In fact the first part of this I didn't even type originally, I'm copying it from the scrawl in my notebook and hoping that I can tease it into some sort of sense.

Back scattering and reflectionCollapse )
Variations on a theme of treesCollapse )
Second hand bookshops, coincidences, and giant coke cans.Collapse )
More mountains than can be sanely photographed and more trees in the way than you'd believe possibleCollapse )
There's probably a bunch more stuff I should write about the train journey, and the food (which was excellent) and how paeprsky should definitely do it if they have a cheap ticket offer again, but at the moment I think I'll just go for a wander round Jasper and have a think about editing my actual Anticipation post into some sort of sensible shape.

Musical silliness.

It turns out you can love synthesisers too much and that little drummer robots are really nifty.

On a less silly note I do like the look of the new version of Logic, tweaking audio tracks looks like it's now much easier, and the convert to synth track feature looks like a sort of in place version of Re-Cycle. Doesn't officially support PPC based macs, though it will apparently still work.

Moon, firm plans.

Right, I'm going to go and see Moon this Saturday at 17:00, shout if you want me to book you tickets.

Edit: Tickets booked, meet in the bar beforehand.


Anybody fancy seeing Moon some time this week? I can't do Wednesday night but I can do almost any other evening.

Things I have learnt from films.

The deadliness of a weapon is inversely proportional how advanced it is.

Auto-cannons wielded by T600 terminators are only inconvenient.
Nuclear bombs can be survived just by hiding in a fridge.
Guns in general rarely actually kill people, the bigger and more advanced the gun the less likely to actually kill somebody.
Bows and arrows are deadly, even when used as melee weapons.
Anything that isn't a missile weapon trumps anything that is.

I'm pretty sure the destruction of the world will be achieved by somebody wielding nothing more than a thigh bone.

Oh there is an exception to this, low tech explosives are deadly even though they are clearly higher tech than some sharp pointy sticks.
Cryptic crossword clues and nude modelling, and before ten a.m., I think my cow-orkers are getting filthier.

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